Savannah Maria Williams

Recently, Founder of Chicana Domenica Escatel sat with Savannah Williams. Both reside in Modesto, Ca. Join the conversation in the next episode of the She Powered Podcast.

Savannah Maria Williams, ranked 2021’s Top 10 Outstanding Women in Stanislaus County, is an entrepreneur of Modesto, who has always had a heart for people. She is a writer of literature, poems, curriculum and film. She is a motivational speaker, who has presented at the Stanislaus County Fair, Modesto City School's events, and Youth Conferences. She is a former college and semi-pro basketball player; with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and certification in Sports Business. In 2010 her and her brother Josh began Thanks4Giving, an organization that feeds those who are less fortunate and provides, clothes, groceries and toys for the kids. In 2015 she started a girls empowerment initiative, The Power in HER - that lead to a collaboration in 2017, and she is now the President of She Became. In 2018 she started the Holiday Basketball Drive & Giveaway, with 12 basketballs donated and grew to 110 in 2020. Savannah has directed a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, camp and private training sessions. She is the former President of the United Black Student Union of California, Central Region. From 2018 - 2020 she has chaired the NAACP’s Black Graduates Recognition Ceremony. She briefly worked with the Boys & Girls Club. She has coached Track & Field (long/triple jump) at Enochs High School and basketball at Cardozo Middle School. She continues her love of basketball through her clothing brand, HOOP vida and events throughout the year with Grind Season Athletics. Savannah is proud to contribute to her community as a business owner of an online digital business, SWIPRODUCTIONS.COM.

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Founder of Chicana inc, Domenica Escatel recently sat down with Founders of Queen de Mi Coraźon Patty Zavala & Suly Altamirano. They talked about being away from home, the journey of entrepreneurship, and their upcoming projects. Click below for a sneak peek to their episode that will be featured on Roku via the HIA network.

Meet Suly Altamirano

JEWELRY Suly Altamirano Our Jewelry line is designed and curated by Suly Altamirano, from Chilpancingo, Guerrero. She's a Jewelry Designer, Mexican Entrepreneur, and lover of culture. Driven by wanting to do her part in sharing and preserving artisanal traditions. The silver in our pieces comes from the beautiful cobblestone streets of what is now known as Taxco, Guerrero, a place where silver has been mined and used by the Aztecs, long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas. Each piece is hand-cut, shaped, stamped, and polished ready to arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. The gold-filled material is a thin layer of solid gold pressure-bonded to an inner layer of sterling silver. Protecting your pieces and adding a beautiful finished look. ​ Suly is also the owner of Tizana Mexicana, a Jewelry brand famous for its unique Talavera & Silver Pieces. Combining elements of different pueblos to create unique statement pieces.

Meet Patty Zavala

ART & APPAREL Patty Zavala Our Apparel and Home products are designed and curated by Graphic Designer and Photographer Patricia Zavala. She's an unschooling mama of two that rediscovered her journey of following her heart during her parenting adventures. She's a creative spirit raised in Sonora, Mexico. Where her heart lies at the beach, staring at the beautiful desert sunsets of her childhood. ​ Her everyday adventures inspire her to create fun messages in comfy, practical wardrobes, accessories, and posters. ​

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Updated: Apr 17

Mariely Sylvette Martínez

Recently, founder of Chicana inc sat virtually met with entrepreneur Mariely Sylvette Martinez as they had a conversation about Marielys Journey launching her company, marketing, branding, coaching and podcasting. You can join in the conversation through their podcast episode on the She Powered Podcast or on their Cafecito episode on Roku. Read down below to get connected.

Mariely Sylvette Martínez is a Marketing Strategist, Branding Consultant and Professional Coach. It is her mission is to train and advise entrepreneurs to build their professional brand and to attract their most ideal clients. Mariely also offers brand and podcast auditing services as well as an exclusive Branding program where her company assists professionals to strengthen and renew their presence on the Internet and social networks. She facilitates conferences and workshops on Branding topics, the effective use of Linkedin and on Podcasting as tools to boost your brand and your business. She is currently the host and producer of the PodQueens Latinas podcast and co-host and co-producer of the Divinas y Empresarias podcast. She has a Master's Degree in Communications with a specialty in Public Relations and a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management. In addition, she is a Certified Professional Coach - Mentor and Trainer certified in The Principles of Success by the Canfield Training Institute. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in the corporate sector and more than 10 years in his private practice.

Mariely Sylvette Martínez es estratega de Márketing, consultora de branding y coach profesional. Su misión es capacitar y asesorar emprendedores y empresarios para construir su marca profesional para atraer a sus clientes más ideales. Ofrece servicios de auditorías de marca y de podcasts y un exclusivo programa de Branding donde asiste a profesionales a fortalecer y renovar su presencia en Internet y redes sociales. Facilita conferencias y talleres sobre temas de Branding, el uso efectivo de Linkedin y sobre Podcasting como herramientas para impulsar su marca y su negocio. Actualmente es la conductora y productora del podcast PodQueens Latinas y co-anfitriona y co-productora del podcast Divinas y Empresarias. Cuenta con una Maestría en Comunicaciones con una especialidad en Relaciones Públicas y un Bachillerato en Gerencia de Mercadeo. Además, es Coach - Mentor profesional certificada y Trainer certificada en Los Principios del Éxito por el Canfield Training Institute.Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia profesional en el sector corporativo y más de 10 años en su práctica privada.

Sitio web:

Clubhouse: @Marielysylvette



Podcasts: PodQueens Latinas, Divinas & Empresarias

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