After graduating from the University and feeling ready to go after a different life, Sandra started a journey that would take her to live in 8 different cities in 5 different countries in the space of 10 years. Yet, no matter where she went, she still found herself feeling lonely, stuck and recreating the patterns from my past. In 2006, after overhearing a conversation, Sandra had her first exposure to the law of attraction and how it could be used to create a different life. She soon found the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks and with this new knowledge she went on to overcome insecurities and limiting beliefs that kept holding her back, gaining mastery of the law of attraction and manifesting her marriage, a beautiful home, and a career that exceeded her wildest dreams. In 2013, life invited her to one more transformation, when after leaving a very stressful work situation, she realized that she had yet to heal the trauma from her younger years that was holding her back from a life of peace and joy. Sandra realized then that her journey was not about titles, or possessions or accomplishments, it was instead ultimately about loving herself and being of service. In 2014, Sandra graduated from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto Canada as a coach, and since leaving her corporate job in 2016, she has dedicated herself to helping hundreds of chicas like herself to create a life that loves them back. Her first book "Chica, Why Not?" will be published by Hay House April 2021

For those who feel stuck in life, who don't see a way forward, who don't believe they deserve to claim their dreams, Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig has one question: Chica, Why Not? With this book, you will find all the tools you need to accept that the life of your dreams is not only within reach, it is your right.

Sandra grew up in Mexico, where she experienced violence, frustration, and sadness as everyday settings. After unsuccessfully chasing happiness in a corporate career, she found deeper meaning in spirituality and now helps others to realize their dreams while still being true to themselves and their roots.

In this book, she guides you through her six-step program for manifesting the life you want, addressing career, family, love, wealth, and health. She gently breaks down the most common fears and excuses people make that hold them back, inviting you to practice self-compassion as you overcome your own fears and limiting beliefs as well as outside pressures-including familial and cultural expectations familiar to some in the Latino community.

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Advocate. Ally. Visionary. Reformer.

Lindsey Bird is the California Teach Plus Emergent Bilingual Change Agent Coach, national Teach Plus English learner advisor, and an independent education consultant focusing on equitable pathways for immigrant students. She recently left a seventeen year teaching career, the past decade of which was spent as the developer, instructor, and coordinator of the Language Institute, a specialized program serving immigrant, refugee, and asylum seeking high school students in Modesto, California. Lindsey is a social justice champion and ally to immigrant students and families at the local, state, and national level . In May of 2013 she was awarded “Maestra del Ano'' by the Association of Mexican American Educators, in August of 2015 she received the “Amiga of the Year” award from El Concilio, and in November of 2015 she was honored as a Carlston Family Foundation “Outstanding Teacher of America”. Lindsey was also an education policy fellow for Teach Plus California, part-time lecturer for the CSU Stanislaus teacher credential program, and a member of the Irvine Foundation’s New Leadership Network of Stanislaus. She earned a BA in Social Science from California State University Chico and a M.Ed. in literacy and digital learning from the University of San Diego.

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Small Business owner | Leader | Project Analyst

Adriana Garcia, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She immigrated to the United States when she was 9 years old. Since then she has lived in Stanislaus County. She is the current owner of Garcia Insurance Agency. GIA specializes in business, personal, life, and health insurance. Adrianna is also co-chair of the Ambassador Program and Chairwoman of the Modesto Advisory Board for the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is a recent graduate of the Latino Leadership Initiative. Adriana states, "I’ve always had an understanding and passion to help the community. I look forward to advancing my involvement with different boards and continuing to help, develop, and empower my community." Adriana recently became the Project Analyst for Able Works.

Garcia Insurance Agency was established in 2017. We have over 12 years of experience. Their goal is to protect and treat you like FAMILY. They offer free insurance reviews, even if you are not their customer.

They offer our clients a wide range of insurance services from Homeowners, Business, Auto, Work Comp, Bonds, One Day Event and more. Their office is here to be your insurance professional for all your needs and cares.

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