Being an entrepreneur there are so many ways to network. There will be events in your community that classify as, "Visibility” events or “Connection” events. Meaning, Some events will fall under this is just to get you known. Facial recognition. Representation. Others will be more purposeful where you can actually walk away with contacts that you make a “connection” with.

I recently was at an event where I would classify it as a “visibility” event. It hit my like a lightning bolt. I had made a late late coffee date with a person who I wanted to “connect” with.

Reschedule? Nope. I quickly replaced my heels for flats and off I went. It turned out to be a meaning night of connection. we Didn’t talk about goods or services. We talked about how similar our stories are, the obstacles we have overcame and the joy of life. How as a Latina we both beloved in elevation and support. How comparison is dead and there is only room for chingonas helping chingona!

As an entrepreneur, rainbows and unicorns don’t always appear easily. Entrepreneurship is hard. It requires more hours than a full time job. You have to #hustle harder then anyone else you lead. Somedays it’s a struggle and somedays it is pure magic.

You have to hold on to the belief that someday it will work out.

You have to believe without an inch or a crack of doubt that the thing you are working for will work out. That one thought is the, “secret sauce.”

There is no recipe to success. You define it. You decide when you establish it. There is no timeline. At any given moment you can get to this magical place.

Here is the thing tho. You will question every fiber of your being if this thing your after is remotely on the horizon. Find yourself a person that you know is your homegirl. That one person that will not only stop dead in her tracks to give you the most amazing pep talk but the one that will not let you give up.

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As an entrepreneur it takes a lot of self accountability to move forward. Between mixer‘s, community event’s, gala’s and so forth. I always recommend that in the middle of the chaos to take a step back and take a little trip out of the space that you work in.

Visiting pinecrest is just a backyard trip that is less then two hours away. It gives you the beauty of nature at your fingertips.

It’s endless paths to explore give you an opportunity to get lost in the moment.

Getting lost in the beauty of the moment gives you a clarity like no other. Birds chirping , water flowing. Sticks of fallen branches snapping as you walk. The life of an entrepreneur is not always Fun and rainbows. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s utterly rewarding.

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Who is a Chingona? noun.

1. a Spanish slang term. Google it. 


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