Mujer Poderosa 
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Mission of Powerful / Women Mujer Poderosa

It’s about celebrating the bold women who came before us. The women that went against the norm to stand up for what they believed in; the trailblazers that lit the path for us today, and the ones whose stories are inspiring us all to do the same for the future generations to come. -- We're so lucky to be surrounded by women who raise their voices to fight for causes they believe in day and day out . Sometimes you know who they are and sometimes we don't. If you look closely you may find one . 


The poderosa pictures tell a visually story without saying a word of our obstacles, sorrows, failures, scars, love, triumphs, happiness, our joy, our victory our healing. We want to send a message to the community that together we are stronger. We can INSPIRE, EQUIP and Empower each other. 

For our Mom and Daughter Duo's: 

To empower our daughters with a visual statement of the power she holds within. A moment in time that she can hold onto and know that she and only she holds the power to be anything she wants to be.