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Updated: Mar 15

Jude Salazar

Today Chicana Inc is featuring Jude Salazar. We had the pleasure to sit down with Jude and a cup of tea. We talked about our journeys, representation, upcoming projects and so much more.

Jude Salazar was born in Tejupilco, Mexico and raised in Chicago, IL. She is now an Actress, Writer and Activist living in Los Angeles, CA. She attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Communications. In her senior year of college she was accepted to the John Marshall School of Law in Chicago where she would graduate in July 2015. Upon graduation, Jude took a trip out to Los Angeles and realized it was time to make California her permanent home. Months after moving to Los Angeles, a creative spark was reignited and she signed on with her first print and commercial agents. She has now begun using her law degree and experience both in front and behind the camera, to consult creatives and brands who are struggling to bring their creative goals to life. Her main focus has become using her art as a means of spreading a message on women empowerment and women’s rights. Her ultimate goal is to be in a Star Wars movie and lead the Jedi in a successful rebellion. Hey, a girl can dream right? Connect with Jude here! IMBD

Jude goins us as a guest for the She Powered Podcast. Click to hear the interview!

Do you have Roku? Join Jude and Domenica on Coffee and Conversation Show on Roku.

Link posted soon! 

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