Lead Generation Expert | Founder of The Global Phenomenon

Ina Coveney

Join Chicana Inc founder, Domenica Escatel as she sits down with Ina Coveney to have a conversation on Business and life.

Ina Coveney is a Lead Generation Expert and the founder of The Global Phenomenon, a community and podcast where new entrepreneurs gain the confidence and strategy to create global businesses from day 1. Ina's signature lead generation system of monetizing small audiences was born serendipitously when she was teaching her clients about their online presence when suddenly they were getting clients almost by accident. That's when she knew that learning how to sell started way before the sales call: it started at first contact. Now she teaches new entrepreneurs how to get leads and clients, even if they just started out.

Ina has been featured on NBC News, USA Today,, Change Creator Magazine, and podcasts She's Making an Impact, She Breaks Thru, and PodQueens Latinas. She is also a featured speaker in General Assembly tech and business panels nationwide.

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