Meet Queen de Mi Corazón

Founder of Chicana inc, Domenica Escatel recently sat down with Founders of Queen de Mi Coraźon Patty Zavala & Suly Altamirano. They talked about being away from home, the journey of entrepreneurship, and their upcoming projects. Click below for a sneak peek to their episode that will be featured on Roku via the HIA network.

Meet Suly Altamirano

JEWELRY Suly Altamirano Our Jewelry line is designed and curated by Suly Altamirano, from Chilpancingo, Guerrero. She's a Jewelry Designer, Mexican Entrepreneur, and lover of culture. Driven by wanting to do her part in sharing and preserving artisanal traditions. The silver in our pieces comes from the beautiful cobblestone streets of what is now known as Taxco, Guerrero, a place where silver has been mined and used by the Aztecs, long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas. Each piece is hand-cut, shaped, stamped, and polished ready to arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. The gold-filled material is a thin layer of solid gold pressure-bonded to an inner layer of sterling silver. Protecting your pieces and adding a beautiful finished look. ​ Suly is also the owner of Tizana Mexicana, a Jewelry brand famous for its unique Talavera & Silver Pieces. Combining elements of different pueblos to create unique statement pieces.

Meet Patty Zavala

ART & APPAREL Patty Zavala Our Apparel and Home products are designed and curated by Graphic Designer and Photographer Patricia Zavala. She's an unschooling mama of two that rediscovered her journey of following her heart during her parenting adventures. She's a creative spirit raised in Sonora, Mexico. Where her heart lies at the beach, staring at the beautiful desert sunsets of her childhood. ​ Her everyday adventures inspire her to create fun messages in comfy, practical wardrobes, accessories, and posters. ​

Join the conversation on a special private link on youtube!

Roku Link coming soon!!!

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