Norma Darnell

Chicana inc recently sat down with Norma to talk about life and motherhood.

Norma was born and raised in Nogales Az a small border town. Her parents were immigrants from Mexico with no education. Her father taught himself English by studying late at night . His determination for a better future was instilled into Norma. She skipped play dates and studied books and watched Sesame Street to be able to learn English.

Norma was the first in her family to obtain a degree in social work . She worked in social work for six years and advocated for low-income families . Norma created and developed a low income housing plan that helped families obtain income and housing stability . The housing program Vida Nueva obtained a presidential award .

Norma transitioned to being a stay at home Mom of two toddlers. She continues to dream big knowing that she can instill those same values in her children, to also dream big . Norma has an Etsy shop where she creates trendy Mom tees and recovery statement Tees.

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