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Miriam Cruz

Miriam Cruz is a native of Mexico and Founder of Miriam Speaks. Born into poverty, she migrated to the United States when she was four years old. She faced violence and neglect as a child which led to many other challenges as she got older. Those challenges include dropping out of high school, spending time in the juvenile justice system, and struggling as a single mother, and later diagnosed with postpartum depression. Gratefully, however, Miriam began to work on her personal development and began her healing journey. Miriam began sharing her story in 2019 and later started her women empowerment coaching program, Limitless. Her mission is to teach women how to use their past to fuel their future and to live a life without limits. In the six-week coaching program, Miriam teaches women to enhance their confidence, release limiting beliefs, develop healthy boundaries, love themselves, and take massive immediate action. As a result of working with Miriam, women enhance their confidence and achieve their personal and professional goals. Website: Instagram : @miriam.speaks LinkTree

"I want everyone to live in an environment where they are free to Love their authentic Self and release any self limiting beliefs. " Miriam Cruz
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