Words of life

It’s a real battle {a daily battle } to have a mindset of positivity. When you haven’t been given a narrative that was infused with such a thing. Especially when you feel called to infuse it in everything that you do. As I was having a conversation with a friend I told her it was hard to be a fucking Pollyanna . I love that movie by the way. It becomes even more harder when you are consistently exposed to the opposite mindset. For example being a cashier at a movie theatre and you getting yelled at for the half empty eaten popcorn bucket that tastes like fungus like it was your fault after having had 3 back to back lectures and having to work an 8 hour shift to pay for your next text book. I was having one of those internal moments that didn’t look good but then my phone gave me an alert of a text message. With a beautiful compliment that came just at the right moment. A couple of days ago the same thing happens as I walked into a friend’s party. Walking into the room with a lot of pain I walked away full of compliments. I hold on to each one with a grateful heart.

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